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About CAC 40 (French Stock Market Index)

CAC 40 Index Live Chart
CAC 40 Index

What is CAC 40?

The CAC 40 (Cotation Assistée en Continu) is the most Important Index made up of 40 largest France registered companies and it is leading index of the Paris stock exchange. The CAC 40 was only introduced on 31 December 1987; The baseline value was established at1,000 points at this time. Its prices were calculated retroactively back to the year 1969, and the weekly prices from 1965.

With a view to being included in the CAC 40, a share should fulfill certain criteria. For example, the company must be among France’s most important companies and must be domiciled in France. Furthermore, the company’s shares must be among the hundred most traded shares on the Paris stock exchange. The composition of the CAC 40 and the weighting of the shares included in it are reviewed quarterly by a commission and adjusted when necessary.

CAC 40 Trading Features:

  • Diversify your investment portfolio by investing in a financial instrument that is based on a local French future index (where permitted by local regulations).
  • Use customized leverage of up to 200:1 (where permitted by local regulations).
  • Implement advanced strategies such as ‘hedging’ or ‘short trading’.
  • Access your account anytime, anywhere, using advanced trading platforms.

How the CAC 40 Index is Calculated?

The index is calculated as a weighted average of the value of the prices of the 40 largest French stock companies. Stocks of these organizations are in free float and are traded in the Euronext Paris Stock Exchange. The CAC 40 Index does not consider stock dividends. The CAC 40 is a float-weighted index, meaning that the weightings of each of the index’s components are determined by the value of shares outstanding to the public. This prevents a large company that only issues a small number of its shares from having a disproportionate amount of influence on the index’s value.

What time does CAC 40 open?

The CAC 40 is traded each trading day on the Paris stock exchange between 9:00 am and 5:30 pm; the index level is calculated and updated and published once a second. CAC 40 index is calculated after per 30 seconds 9:00 – 17:30 (CET). The prices of the stocks in the Euronext Paris Stock Exchange are used (NYSE Euronext in Paris).

CAC Market Holidays

Euronext Paris Stock Exchange, for the most part, works its Trading Services every weekday. It does perceive the Public and Bank Holidays and the effect on its Trading Services of nowadays. Paris Stock Exchange will hold its long periods of activity under audit.

New Year’s Day January 1, 2019
Good Friday April 19, 2019
Easter Monday April 22, 2019
Labor Day May 1, 2019
Christmas Eve December 24, 2019
Christmas Day December 25, 2019
Boxing Day December 26, 2019
New Year’s Eve December 31, 2019

Current CAC 40 Companies

The CAC 40 comprises of the 40 France companies in terms of their highest market capitalization. The CAC 40 represent about 15 of the entire market capitalization and the market price of the shares in free float traded on the Paris Stock Exchange.

Accor Carrefour Lafarge Schneider Electric
Airbus SE Crédit Agricole Lagardère Group Société Générale
Air Liquide Danone SA LVMH STMicroelectronics
Alcatel-Lucent Engie SA Michelin Suez Environnement
Alstom EssilorLuxottica SA Pernod Ricard Total
ArcelorMittal Essilor  Peugeot Citroën Unibail-Rodamco
AXA Kering PPR Vallourec
BNP Paribas Klepierre SA Renault Veolia Environnement
Bouygues Groupe Danone Saint-Gobain Vinci
Capgemini L’Oreal Sanofi-Aventis Vivendi SA