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The IBEX 35 is the official index of the Spanish Continuous Market. It is the benchmark stock market index of the Bolsa de Madrid. It holds 35 most liquid stocks traded on the Continuous market. Initiated in 1992, the index is calculated, supervised and published by the Sociedad de Bolsas. The index was generated with a base value of 3000 points as of December 29, 1989. It is a market capitalization weighted index comprising the 35 liquid Spanish stocks traded on the Madrid Stock Exchange General Index and is reviewed twice annually. The equities use free float shares in the index calculation.

The IBEX 35 is a capitalization-weighted index. The market cap used to calculate the weighting of each constituent is multiplied by a free float factor ranging from 0.1 to 1 depending on the fraction of shares not subject to block ownership. Market cap adjusted by free-float Maximum weighting limit of 20% in reviews. Unlike many other European benchmark indices, the weightings of companies in the IBEX 35 are not capped. The 35 companies with the maximum trading volume in Euros over the previous six months are chosen for inclusion in the index. The average free-float market cap of the stock is at least 0.3% of the total market cap of the index.