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The SMI (Swiss Market Index) is the most important share index made up of the 20 largest Switzerland’s registered companies and it is the leading index of the Swiss share market. The SMI was only introduced on 30 June 1988. Its baseline value was established at 1,500 points. Later 2007 the SMI has contained a fixed number of 20 securities; prior to this, the number of listed shares could differ significantly.

The SMI is Switzerland’s blue-chip index and consists of the 20 Swiss companies with the highest liquidity, which are also the same as the 20 largest companies from the SPI. The SMI represent around 85% of the entire market capitalization traded on the Swiss share market. Because of this, the SMI is considered as a mirror of the overall Swiss share market. The SMI is a price index. So, the index level represents the average of the shares contained in it. Dividend payments are not considered in the index. The index is also published as a dividend-corrected performance index under the name SMIC.

With a view to being included in the SMI, a share should fulfill certain criteria. Securities listed in the SMI must show high market capitalization and a high trading volume. Market capitalization and trading volume are weighted equally and a ranking list is drawn up from the securities included in the SPI on the basis of these two criteria. In the SMI the highest ranked securities are included. The composition of the SMI has reviewed twice annually and adjusted when necessary. The adjustments are always made on the third Friday in March and September after the close of trading.

The SMI is traded each trading day between 9:00 am and 5:30 pm; the index level is calculated updated once a second in real time.