Tin Futures

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About Tin Metal

Tin is a silvery white metal that normally has a faint yellow type due to slight oxidation. Tin is soft enough to be cut without much force. Consumers and producers of tin can manage tin price risk by purchasing and selling tin futures. Tin producers can employ a short hedge to lock in a selling price for the tin they produce while businesses that require tin can utilize a long hedge to secure a purchase price for the commodity they need.

About Tin Futures

Tin Futures are available for trading in The London Metal Exchange (LME). The standard contact weights 5 tonnes. Tin futures are standardized, exchange-traded contracts in which the contract buyer agrees to take delivery, from the seller, a specific quantity of tin at a predetermined price on a future delivery date. Tin futures contract is a contract between two parties where both parties agree to buy and sell a particular asset of specific quantity and at a predetermined price, at a specified date in future.

Tin futures are also traded by speculators who assume the price risk that hedgers try to avoid in return for a chance to profit from favorable tin price movement. Speculators buy tin futures when they believe that tin prices will go up. Conversely, they will sell tin futures when they think that tin prices will fall.

LME Tin Futures Contract Specification

Product Code SN
Price Quotation US dollars per tonne
Minimum Price Fluctuation
Outright Carries
Ring  $5.00  $0.01
LMEselect  $5.00  $0.01
Inter-office  $0.01  $0.01
Settlement Method Physical
Termination Of Trading Up until the close of the first Ring the day before the prompt date
Trade Unit / Lot Size 5 tonnes
Trading Hours 01:00 to 19:00 hours, London Time
Prompt dates  
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