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The Lotus Evora GT is the British sports car manufacturer's only current US offering, replacing the 400. This tiny, flyweight 2+2-seat sports car features a 3.5-liter supercharged V6 that delivers 416 horsepower and as much as 332 pound-feet of torque. In a break from tradition from most Lotus models, this rear-wheel-drive sports car is available not only with a manual gearbox, you can also opt for a six-speed automatic. Top speed is estimated at 188 mph, but cars like the Evora aren't all about top speed -- they're more about handling, and the GT figures to be stellar at that, especially when optioned with the available Carbon Pack, which adds lightweight panels and improved downforce.

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Cars like the 2020 Lotus Evora GT need to exist. A refreshingly tactile experience in an increasingly sterilized world, the Evora eschews driver assistance technologies and robust infotainment wizardry in favor of a highly engaging relationship between car and driver. Whether it be a weekend track day or spirited run up a great canyon road, the Evora kindly requests that you shut up and drive.

Right from the start, the GT is a car that requires extra attention. Starting the Evora is the same convoluted process as before: Use the fob to unlock the car, turn the key in the ignition on the right side of the steering column and then press the engine start button on the left side of the dashboard. Do it quickly, too -- you only have about 30 seconds to fire up the engine, or you'll have to hit the unlock button and start over. It's a finicky introduction to such a simple car. But I'll admit, I kind of like it.

The V6 engine roars to life with an uncharacteristically throaty rasp. That's especially true when you consider this V6 -- a 3.5-liter, Toyota-sourced lump -- is a heavily massaged version of the motor that powers older Camrys and Siennas. With a water-to-air charge cooler and an Edelbrock supercharger, the formerly milquetoast V6 produces 416 horsepower and 317 pound-feet of torque when mated to the Evora GT's standard six-speed manual transmission. Opt for the six-speed automatic and you get an extra 15 pound-feet of twist, but, well, it's not worth it. More on that in a minute.

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